Why I think Android is greater than iOS

Android Apple

I’ve been into technology as long as I can remember. And I’ve been an advocate of Android since I got my first smartphone in 2009 (a HTC Hero, if you must know).

I’ve always respected the open source nature of it and the fact that a lot more of the apps were/are free.
I also hate iTunes, it’s one of the most frustrating pieces of software I have ever used. I hate the fact you are tied to it to update your phone and to upload music.

Apple has done some things really well, their strict design rules and App Store vetting process means everything getting through is a lot more polished than some of the crap you get in Google play. The fact that they only release one new product at a time also prevents all the problems with fragmentation of resolution and firmware versions you get with all the different Android devices.
iPhones are also ridiculously simple to use, which means they seem to be the new midlife crisis purchase for a lot of the older generation. They really only use it to make phone calls, send text messages and play a couple of games of angry birds.

The app design and iOS design were world leading a couple of years ago but Apple have seemed to rest on their laurels since the death of Steve Jobs, the last iPhone offered nothing new or revolutionary as did the new iPad. I think skeuomorphism is on the way out and Google’s new flat design aesthetic will be the new market leader.

In terms of innovation, at least Google are trying. Glass looks interesting if completely impractical and Android is improving in leaps and bounds with every iteration. Apple’s maps were a complete failure and retina display hasn’t really taken off in the design world as much as I guess they hoped it would. A lot of companies who were  designing exclusively for iOS are now branching out and releaseing for android concurrently. Take Facebook Home for example, while it may be pretty useless it’s a massive bonus that it’s android exclusive.

There are a lot of people wary of Google’s data gathering and their access to your personal information for the purpose of selling ads. But that really doesn’t bother me, what are they going to do, try to sell me something I might have searched for, big deal.

Not sure if this post has really explained why Android is better than Apple but I hope to hear peoples opinions on it.

As a side note, one more thing apple have is customer care, if your iPhone breaks Apple will fix it or replace without much fuss, unfortunately Android is always installed on a 3rd party handset which is where the problems appear. HTC’s sense and Samsung’s TouchWiz are tow of the biggest downsides to Android and the problems that I have ever had are normally down to some bloatware app that they have pre-installed.





We’ve been moving again!
This time Lucy and I have moved to the delightful Leamington Spa.
We’ve got a two bedroom flat in the town centre, should be great when we’re settled and the weather’s warmed up. Spent the last two weeks carrying overly large furniture up four flights of stairs and building lots of lots of Ikea furniture.

I’ve also changed job role, I’m now an Associate UI Artist and getting to grips with Actionscript 3 which is an enjoyable challenge.

Finally a couple of entertainment updates:
Best new TV show I’ve watched is Person of Interest.

It’s a great buddy series using lots of unoriginal police ideas but improving them and adding it’s own stylistic touches. It’s great fun, with a character that needs saving every episode and a drip feed of the main characters backstory along the way.

Also, we watched the final season of Fringe.
It was disappointing but I guess a fitting ending. The whole of season 5 is set in the future timeline and I found it the least interesting and found it hard to get into the story as much as any of the previous series. Still, great work from John Noble and Joshua Jackson.

Anyway, going to try and do at least one update a week, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Best Music of 2012

MenzingersSo, I intended to publish this list about 2 months ago, but I got sidetracked…so here are my albums of 2012 in a much shorter version than I was originally going to. Here we go:

1. The Menzingers – On The Impossible Past
2. Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid M.A.A.D City
3. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
4. alt-J – An Awesome Wave
5. Of Monsters & Men – My Head Is An Animal
6. Crowns – Crowns EP
7. Fun – Some Nights
8. Polica – Give You The Ghost
9. Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball
10. The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten

And an album that came out in November 2011 that is one of my favourite albums ever!

Doomtree – No Kings

My Favourite Films 2012


So here’s my list of my favourite films of this year, I have not seen as many as I would have liked and am especially disappointed I did not get to see The Master at the cinema.

The Raid: Redemption
Out of knowhere and with some of the best fight sequences I have ever seen this was something a bit different and makes me so excited to see what the director Gareth Edwards will do next.

Avengers Assemble
Popcorn blockbuster at it’s best, I am a massive Marvel/Avengers/Joss Whedon fan anyway and this lived up to my hopes. The Hulk was a revelation in effects and comedy value and all the main stars put in great performances.

Again, I had high hopes for this and Rian Johnson directs another sophisticated and interesting film. Joseph Gordan Levitt is getting better and better and does a spot on version of Bruce Willis without making it look like an impression.

Gritty, violent and brutal all at the same time, really enjoyable film with a great (true) Robin Hood-ish story, not giving to the poor but standing up to a corrupt government, Tom Hardy is immense and Shia Lebouf is charming. Guy pearce is sometimes a littel pantomimy but this does not take away from a great film.

Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson, one of my favourite directors works wonders with child actors and makes another sweet, stylish and beautiful film.

Cabin In The Woods
Was sure about this at the time as it thinks it’s a little cleverer than it actually is, but I think it will definitely gain a big cult following and again Joss Whedon adding some of his magic to it. Some great gory horror sequences and some hilarious banter between Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins makes this Scream for the new Millennium.

Making a found footage film new and origianl is getting harder and harder, but Chronicle is great. Taking the moral dilemma ‘What would you do if you got super powers?’ and running with it. the CG struggles a little at the end as the directors vision outgrows the relatively small budget but nice to see something a bit different.

LCD Soundsystem – Shut Up & Play The Hits
Not for everyone but a great looking documentary and live piece about the last few days of LCD Soundsystem. Probably helps that All My Friends is one of my favourite songs ever.

Based on a true story this is a creepy study of how far humans will go when faced with an authorative voice on the other end of a telephone line. Doesn’t try too hard and with some decent and subtle performances, I couldn’t believe this really happens.

21 Jump Street
A good comedy buddy movie with some unexpected funny moments and clever jokes based on adults as high schoolers, better than any other comedy this year.

Dark Knight Rises
I suppose I should but this on here as it is a great film, just nowhere near as good as The Dark Knight. I’ve only seen it once and was massively disappointed but thinking back there were plenty of great sequences and Tom Hardy was great even though the sound design on his voice was atrocious. Great film let down by a few too many niggles.