We’ve been moving again!
This time Lucy and I have moved to the delightful Leamington Spa.
We’ve got a two bedroom flat in the town centre, should be great when we’re settled and the weather’s warmed up. Spent the last two weeks carrying overly large furniture up four flights of stairs and building lots of lots of Ikea furniture.

I’ve also changed job role, I’m now an Associate UI Artist and getting to grips with Actionscript 3 which is an enjoyable challenge.

Finally a couple of entertainment updates:
Best new TV show I’ve watched is Person of Interest.

It’s a great buddy series using lots of unoriginal police ideas but improving them and adding it’s own stylistic touches. It’s great fun, with a character that needs saving every episode and a drip feed of the main characters backstory along the way.

Also, we watched the final season of Fringe.
It was disappointing but I guess a fitting ending. The whole of season 5 is set in the future timeline and I found it the least interesting and found it hard to get into the story as much as any of the previous series. Still, great work from John Noble and Joshua Jackson.

Anyway, going to try and do at least one update a week, but I doubt that’ll happen.


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