My first job in the games industry involved working as a member of the Visual Mark Up team for Freestyle Games on DJ Hero 2, a AAA multi-platform game. I created cameras in 3DS Max. Used a midi program to choose individual camera angles, lightshow moods and specific VFX and synced them to each individual music track. I also created videoscreen assets in Photoshop and used several in house tools in each process. I was responsible for 12 of the tracks in the full game and another 12 of downloadable content. I worked in 3Ds Max, Cakewalk Sonar, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Photoshop. I have gained a wealth of knowledge with regards to games production, development and the industry as a whole.

Below is a selection of the tracks I worked on, check out the camera movement, camera cuts, selection of animation, lighting and overlay FX as I chose, synced and edited each of these.