Golf Clash

Over most of 2018, I worked on a major feature for Golf Clash, a casual 1v1 golf game for Android, iOS and Facebook.

The feature, called “Clans” is a way for players to team up and earn points to compete against rival clans for the top spot in the Champions 100.
I worked closely with one of the game designers to create the user flow, art style, layouts and animations.

It was an incredibly complex task, as the clans featured touched almost every area of the game. This meant that many screens had to be redesigned or amendments made that kept up consistency.

I created a hub area where you can see your clan’s place in its league. The idea was while keeping most of the colour schemes from the rest of the game, this area should be a little more serious and have an e-sports feel.
We implemented a chat system that allowed you to talk, share replays and scorecards with your clan-mates.

All of the Clans screens have a consistent style and some of the improvements I made here have been implemented across the game.

Left: The original design of tour panels. Right: The new version designed by me.

The objective was to give a clearer indication of when players had earned the maximum amount of trophies on a particular tour. We also wanted to be able to add Clan Points to the prizes section and show the courses available and the specific rules of each tour.