Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

My last project for Goodgame Studios as part of New Moon Productions was a port of Big Farm the browser game, to mobile.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest was a technical challenge as the original was built in Flash and contain a huge amount of graphics, text and content in general. We were tasked with converting it into a Unity based game with most of the same functions but obviously simplified for a mobile screen.

I was responsible for all the UI which meant I adapted existing assets and created completely new ones for the mobile version. Everything had to be bigger, easier to see/read and have a more casual look.

I wanted to keep the same style and colour schemes as the originals to appeal to current browser players.

All of the panels, buttons and text boxes were 9 sliced and scalable to fit multiple resolutions and different localisations.

To preserve device space I also had to find a way to reuse layouts while fitting in custom images. The images below show various themed events with different graphics fitting into the framework I created.